Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fazole ze Sin City!!!

Whats up yall!!! Its been a minute since I blogged, but I've been pretty busy lately. The first part of the season recently finished and we are now in group play jockeying for playoff position. If your not familiar with the way out league is set up, it goes a little something like this. We played every team twice which adds up to 20 games for the fist part of the season. The league is then divided into 2 groups, which consists of the top 6 teams in one group and the bottom 6 teams in the other. The top 6 teams play each other twice again which will add up to 10 games and the bottom 6 do the same within their group. How ever you finish in the second stage of the season, determines playoff position. We also take the best 2 teams from the other group to make the 7th and 8th seed. If it sounds a little confusing, don't worry, your not the only one!!!

So we recently played our first game in group plan and won a huge game on the road!!! That makes us 1-0 in group play with 9 more games left until playoffs. It wasn't just a huge win for our team, but it was relieving for me as well, being that I have never won on the road against this team. Kinda feels great to get that monkey off my back!!! Being in group play also equals no days off. Every night we are gonna be playing against one of the top teams. The games have gotten that much more physical and strategic. Every game is a big game, which kinda makes it feel like the playoffs already. But if you know me, Im definitely up for the challenge!!!

Lastly I recently did a interview for a pretty big basketball magazine over here in Czech Republic. I have the feature interview, and also my first magazine COVER!!! The magazine comes out in a few days over here, but the cover has been released already. When I seen it, I went crazy!!! Its a great feeling to see your hard work start to pay off with things like this!!! Ill post a picture of the cover with this blog entry so you all can see it. In the bottom right corner is the title of my interview and it says "Fazole ze Sin City." I know its in Czech and everyone is gonna know what it says and means, but to make a long story short, Fazole means Bean in czech and the Sin City represents Flint, Michigan. The reporter did some research on my hometown before we did the interview, and of course when you look up Flint, MI on the internet, you get a bunch of stuff about how Flint is one of the most dangerous cities in the US. So the interview has a lot of questions about Flint and what it was like growing up. So "Fazole ze Sin City" basically means "Bean from Flint, Michigan."

Thats all for now, everything is going great over here. Its starting to warm up, which is getting me anxious for summertime. My girlfriend is here visiting me until May 1st, so im not so lonely but also takes away from a lot of my mid day naps hahahaha!!! The season is coming down the home stretch, and time is flying by. I'll be home in no time, ready to relax, vacation, and just take it easy and have a great summer. Until next time remember this: Victory loves preparation!!! Are you prepared to Win??

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