Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dear Summer....

Whats up everyone, I know its been a few months since my last check-in, but I'm here to update you guys on whats been goin on lately. I had an amazing summer spent at home in the US, mostly in my hometown of Flint, Michigan. But I did get a chance to go a few places as well. I took two vacations over the summer that were a lot of fun and crazy at the same time. Las Vegas, NV and Miami, FL were my two destinations, and let me just say those two places never let me down!!! It was great to relax, have some fun with good friends and just enjoy time off. Spent a lot of time at the pool and on the beach relaxing in the sun and taking time out to enjoy the fruits of my labor. We all need those getaways every now and then to give our mind a body a break from all the hard work we put in on a daily basis.

After the much needed break and vacations, It was time to get back to work and try to improve my game as much as possible. Every year I analyze myself and try to pick out specific points in my game that I want to get better at over the summers. Of course I worked on every aspect of my game to become better overall but the main focus for this summer was Condition & Endurance and becoming a better Ball Handler. Most of my time during the week is spent working out with some of my best friend at Genesys Health Center in Grand Blanc, MI. We're there on a daily basis on average of about 4-6 hours a day. We start by doing some cardio exercises to get our bodies warmed up and ready to work. Next we hit the weights for about an hour to improve our strength and stability. We then hit the court for basketball drill work that include different things everyday. We focus on shooting, ball handling, and endurance while working and pushing each other to the limits. Lastly we get wellness (Sauna, Cold tub, steam room etc.) before we leave, because taking care of your body is the number one objective in this business.

On the weekends me and my crew team up to play in summer league games. This year we competed in the MoneyBall Pro-Am which took place in Lansing, Michigan. My team (Team Flintstones) consisted of Myself, Corey Santee, Greg Burks, Kelvin Torbert, Charlie Bell, Lamar Rice, Desmond Young, and a few other guys who showed up from time to time. We like to play together over the summer because its a way to keep your game sharp while playing in a 5 on 5 atmosphere. Also we just like to play with each other, something we never got to do in High School and College, so its a fun to go out and compete with guys you consider you brothers every summer. I think I had one of my best summers this year as far as basketball goes. I really worked hard and pushed myself everyday to get better. I think it showed in my play in the summer league especially when I had my career high of 53 points. It was one of those games where everything was clicking and going right for me. It definitely felt great to feel that kind of reward for all the work I had put in this summer. This year we took second place, losing a heartbreaking game in the Championship by 2 points. Tough way to lose but I think overall it was a great summer for us and we will be back at it next year!!

Well Summer is over now and its time to get back to work. Time for me to show the improvements in my game when the season starts. Cyprus is my next destination and I'm very excited about this year. It shall be a huge year for me and my team, and hopefully I can grab my first Championship in my professional career. Stay Tuned!!!

Until next time, take care of yourself and Love one another the way God Love us all!!! - BEAN


  1. Hi William ,Can't believe I'm the first one to leave a comment:-) Good to hear your summer went well .You ball players deserve the nice relaxing summer.My husband still have he's duties with 2 kids and Wife:-)We are he's joy:-)People really don't know how hard it is to play in overseas it takes a lot in every expat..Stay strong and God bless ..Happy Thanksgiving from Williams Family,,,

  2. Great job and keep up the good work cousin! Way to represent yourself your, parents your family and most important the lord. You stand as a fine young man and a great example of God shinning through your life.