Monday, October 22, 2012

Media Days!!!

With the start of our new season upon us, media day is like the presentation of our new team to our fans, the city, and the League in general.  Lots of pictures are taken, interviews are done, and everything that goes along with presenting a image of the team to the people.  The most common questions come up almost every year.  "What are your thoughts about the upcoming season?" and "How do you think you will do personally and as a team this year?" The questions are sort of cliché, because if you think about it, its the beginning of the season, and no one is going to believe that they will have a bad year Haha!!!  So, basically, the answers to those questions are often pretty much the same.
This year we had a pretty cool time doing media sessions.  We took tons of team pictures and also lots of individual pictures as well.  Along with that, we filmed a commercial to be played on Television over here encouraging fans to come out and support us this year!!!  (Check it out Below)  This was my first time doing a commercial for a team, but it was definitely a lot of fun.  Even though my part was pretty short (like 5 seconds at the end), I definitely think there is a job for me on the big screen once I'm done playing Hahaha!!!

Later on we had a presentation of the team at Village Cinemas (Movie Theatre here in Thessaloniki) for our administration board, Media, Journalist etc.  Our President and General Managers spoke about the team and the upcoming season and also presented each player individually.  A brief video was shown on every player, followed by each player being presented with their jerseys.  The short video to introduce us was actually very cool!!!  It was exciting to see yourself on such a big screen in a movie theatre.  Our media department did a great job putting the videos together.  (See Below)

Overall Media day went well.  I think we all had fun and felt great presenting a positive image of our team.  Now its time for us to get to work and show that image on the court!!! Thanks for reading, check back next week to keep up with me this season. Blessings from Greece!!

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