Thursday, May 30, 2013

Greek Rivalry...PAOK vs. ARIS

One of the largest rivalries in all of Europe, lives is Thessaloniki, Greece.  PAOK vs. ARIS are two teams that reside in the same city and have fans who can't stand the other team.  To be a fan of either of these two teams, its not just sport, its a LIFESTYLE!! The fans are so crazy and loyal to their teams, and when they play each other, its an all out war!!  The opposing fans are not allowed to attend the game when its being played at the other teams field or gym.  With that being makes for an AMAZING atmosphere for the players.  I'm the type of player who loves playing in front of huge crowds.  I got a chance to bring my brother over for the game at our gym (Locker room photo after the game) to witness the madness.  Check out some video from the game....

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