Thursday, December 10, 2015

Full Games from 2015

All the time, I'm asked by family, friends, and fans back home, "How can we watch your games? Are your games streamed online?" A lot of our Eurocup games are streamed online. However, with the time difference, they're usually during the week and come on around 12 noon back home. Which is prime working hours for a lot of people I know. I just wanted to post a few games from this season so you guys can get a chance to see me play as a professional. These are two games from this season. One from the Eurocup competition, where we faced a team from the Turkish league (Besiktas), and the other is from the Greek league where we faced our in city rival (Aris Thessaloniki). The Greek league game is one of the biggest rivalries around all of Europe. Its called the Greek Derby. You'll get a chance to see how AMAZING the atmosphere is, and how passionate the Greek fans are in supporting their team. Watch and Enjoy!!

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